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Papa Zuzu’s – A Great Neighborhood place!

25 Mar

We love a local, neighborhood place where you can walk in and meet the owner any time… Papa Zuzu’s is a great place with a cool menu; try it some time and tell them that you heard about them on What’s Eating Chuck!

(embedded video)


A New Rating System

21 Mar

We need a cool way to rate the places we eat… watch the video and drop us a line with your ideas!

Not exactly a review

20 Mar

Say what you will about chains… Fuddruckers makes a tasty burger! Bring Fudds back to Chucktown!

Trouble viewing the video? Click HERE

Video Viewing issues

20 Mar

We have gotten a couple of emails from people saying that they are having trouble with seeing the videos posted here; we’re looking into why they aren’t working for some…

in the mean time, here is a more direct link to the pilot video:

…and a link to the Moe’s segment:

Special Thanks: TheDigitel

20 Mar

297046719_6d1b57e948_mWow! Yesterday we were so proud to have been featured on the front page of The Digitel here in Charleston! The result? A great day here on the blog! OK, enough exclamaition points already…

We are really enjoying the growing community here with our “eating tour”… if you’d like us to check out your favorite resturaunt, leave a comment here or drop us an email at: Thanks for stopping by, we’ve got more video-reviews coming soon!

Welcome to Moe’s!

18 Mar

Good food, good price!

Looking for your input

3 Mar

Dinner!As we get this thing off the ground, we are looking for your help: Where should we do our next episode of “What’s Eating Chuck”? Leave your suggestions here in the comments and we will start checking them off!

You’re welcome to follow our new twitter account too! ChucktownEats will be dropping hints about future episodes and local deals as we find out about them.

We’d also like this space to be a great way for people to connect with others and enjoy some great food. Feel free to write your own reviews of Chuck-town eateries so others can learn about your favorite spots! E-mail your reviews to: