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Tipping Talk

16 Sep

Trying something a little different here… a discussion.

Case in point: I had lunch at a fairly popular spot here in town and had terrible service; While we were seated quickly, it took forever to have our drink orders taken, even longer to have our food orders taken, another server brought out our food, and it took a long time for our check to be handled.

I’m always ready to extend grace during a busy lunch rush, but this went beyond what would be considered normal.

So, I’m curious… when you experience bad service at a restaurant, do you still feel compelled to leave a 15-20% tip, or do you dock it accordingly?


Cinco Linko – 9/10/10

10 Sep

5 great LOCAL places to check out this weekend:

Andolini’s Pizza

Opa Cafe

Early Bird Diner

Five Loaves Cafe

Hickory Hawg

Enjoy some great food this weekend then drop us a line and let us know what you had! chucktowneats [at]