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Why Charleston?

7 Jul

Why not?

(Embedded video HERE)


Tipping Talk

16 Sep

Trying something a little different here… a discussion.

Case in point: I had lunch at a fairly popular spot here in town and had terrible service; While we were seated quickly, it took forever to have our drink orders taken, even longer to have our food orders taken, another server brought out our food, and it took a long time for our check to be handled.

I’m always ready to extend grace during a busy lunch rush, but this went beyond what would be considered normal.

So, I’m curious… when you experience bad service at a restaurant, do you still feel compelled to leave a 15-20% tip, or do you dock it accordingly?

Cinco Linko – 9/10/10

10 Sep

5 great LOCAL places to check out this weekend:

Andolini’s Pizza

Opa Cafe

Early Bird Diner

Five Loaves Cafe

Hickory Hawg

Enjoy some great food this weekend then drop us a line and let us know what you had! chucktowneats [at]

Cinco Linko – 4/30/10

30 Apr

5 great LOCAL places to visit this weekend:

Charleston Grill


Cru Cafe

Noisy Oyster

Sesame Burger and Beer

Cinco Linko – 4/16/10

16 Apr

Five great LOCAL places to eat this weekend:

Cork Bistro


Charleston Crab House

Ye Ole Fashioned

Hyman’s Seafood

Hello Daniel Island and Laura Alberts!

23 Feb

OK, first of all, if you’re not following us on twitter, click HERE… This is a great way to keep up with cool places to eat and know about inside deals that we hear about! It’s also how we hear about great places to check out, like Laura Alberts on Daniel Island. This is a great little spot for lunch and hanging out with friends. Check out our visit:

(embedded video HERE]

Keep the conversation going; let us know about your favorite local spots by leaving a comment here or dropping us an email: chucktowneats [at]

Community: Got a Good Deal?

6 Apr

3238525373_a0862c213d_mAs we continue to share our dining adventures, we’d also like this space to be used for our community when our friends find places that are offering great deals! Let’s face it, restaurants are going to have to find ways to re-invent themselves in our current economy… So, if you should come across an eatery offering a new coupon, happy hour, or just good ol’ free food, let us know so that we can get the word out! (If you own or run a restaurant, please, feel free to drop us a line about your specials!)

email: chucktowneats[at]